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Deck Flex

Acrylic Based Liquid Polymer Component for Cement Screeds, Concrete, Repair Mortars.

Deck Flex is an acrylic polymer component (liquid form) to be used as an admixture to cement, cement screeds & concrete. It is also used as admix to enhance the bonding properties of cementitious adhesives generally used for tiles and marble or stone cladding. The use of Deck Flex in cement concrete/mortar/plaster makes it polymer modified imparting obvious properties of enhanced flexure and tension. The product exhibits low permeability in polymer modified systems, remarkable improvement in prevention of carbonation and chloride ion penetration. The addition of Deck Flex imparts resilience to concrete matrix thus improves impact resistance. Deck Flex is a saponification resistant plastic co-polymer with extraordinary favourable characteristics when used as a polymer component in hydraulically setting mortars. The product shows excellent performance when used as admix to mortars, concrete and screeds.

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