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Deck CRS : Let's give concrete a makeover

Published on 10 Nov 2017

Why is there a need to cover up the concrete?

Whether it is cementitious plaster or concrete slab, they all are covered with either some kind of paint or tile/ blocks. There are two basic reasons behind covering the concrete. First is its colour. Cementitious materials are generally grey in color. In order to change its aesthetic appearance the plaster is eventually covered with paint further. And the second reason is protection from weather. Concrete is porous by its very nature. Therefore if concrete surface is left untreated it starts to accumulate substances like oil, water, algae etc. To avoid such accumulation of unwanted substance suitable material having non porous surface is placed over the concrete. Example includes paver block, stone tile, resin based floorings and painting. Moreover outdoor areas subjected to vehicular traffic possess the most challenging conditions for the underlying concrete. For such system only a handfull of options are available like paver block or stone tile. The key reasons being their stability against sunlight exposure and ability to withstand wear and tear due to vehicular movement.

Deck CRS which stands for concrete resurfacing system is the upcoming trend in flooring over concrete surface subjected to vehicular traffic. CRS tackles both problem of concrete elegantly. CRS can be made in varieties of shades and thus the theme of the project can be easily preserved. Deck CRS is made using extremly hard minerals and chemical additives which results in extremely hard surface after curing. Moreover the final surface of CRS is sealed using sunlight stable low viscosity sealer which penetrates inside the CRS surface and seals even the fraction of porosity present in it. Result is a non-porous extremely hard surface resistant to abrasion, easy to clean and maintain.

Unlike tile or stone installation it does not lead to loss of vertical depth. Typical paver blocks require 75-100 mm of depth for propar installation. Whereas Deck CRS require only 2-3 mm of depth. It is directly applied over cured and sound concrete. Other major advantage of CRS over stone/ tile installation is its absence of joint. All tile/ stone installation lead to generation of tile joints which are generally filled with suitable grout afterward.

Deck CRS is applied using compressed air based spray machine due which it is installed seamless. Although application in various pattern can be done using suitable mask but it do not leads to any kind of joints in it. Areas where CRS should be preferred over any other options are podium deck, drive ways and parking deck.

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Tajesh Kumar
August 24, 2017
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August 23, 2017