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Deck Admix

A high performance waterproofing admixture

Deck Admix is a high performance concrete admixture specially used for basements, underground water tank, overhead water tank, as an essential waterproofing admixture. Deck Admix is used as an admixture for a high grade concretes. If used in specific dosage it totally enhances cohesive property of concrete with excellent workability.

In spite of the optimal composition provided for high strength concrete having good compactness, one may land up getting small voids or capillary pores up to 15% volume. This is generally due to extra addition of water at site intended for better workability or to make it easily pour-able. Deck Admix is designed keeping in view the ground realities of site. It contains selected proprietary chemicals that causes contraction of capillary pores and also converts water absorbing capillary forces into water repelling capillary forces due hydrophobic effect, thus reducing the passage of water through concrete.

Deck Admix is best suited for large concrete pours which are managed through batching plants and transported through transit mixers. Being a high performance waterproofing admixture, one can get totally apillary-proof concrete.

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