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Deck Tile EP

High performance, chemical resistant 3-component epoxy resin based
adhesive for tiles and stones, most suited for demanding applications

Deck Tile EP is high performance, thixotropic epoxy based adhesive with resistance to chemical attacks. Most suited for fixing tiles and stones on various substrates in demanding heavy duty applications like sterile areas− hospitals, operation theatres, food processing units; chemical/acid attack-prone areas− oil fields, refineries and petrochemical laboratories; and other industrial applications and high traffic areas.

Deck Tile EP is a three part system- Part A (Resin), Part B (Hardner) and Part C (Chemical resistant silica Filler). The three parts are mixed on site to a smooth, creamy, thixotropic consistency. Deck Tile EP is water-cleanable- excess adhesive can be cleaned easily with water while wet.

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